Mayor & Council


The Municipality of Southwest Middlesex is governed by an 8 member elected council composed of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and six councillors from our three wards.  

Elected at large are the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor with two councillors per ward.  Your current council is as follows:

2022 - 2026 SWM Municipal Council 
(contact information is found at bottom of this page)

Mayor Allan Mayhew Elected at large
Deputy Mayor Mike Sholdice Elected at large
Councillors - Ward 1 Don McCallum Mark McGill
Councillors - Ward 2 Joel Haggith Ed Myers
Councillors - Ward 3 Amy Choi Martin Vink

2022 to 2026 Council Members
(left to right)- Don McCallum, Mike Sholdice, Mark McGill, Amy Choi, Martin Vink, Allan Mayhew, Joel Haggith, Ed Myers

Council 2022 to 2026
Acknowledgements/Special Events

The Mayor will send out special congratulations for significant events and special milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries or grand openings.  Please contact the municipal office for further details.

Committees of Council

To learn about of committees of council click here.

Conflict of Interest Registry

2024 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

  • February 21, 2024 - A. Choi

2023 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

  • January 25, 2023 - A. Choi
  • May 24, 2023 - A. Choi
  • June 28, 2023 - A. Choi
  • September 27, 2023 - A. Choi
  • October 25, 2023 - A. Choi
  • December 13, 2023 - A. Choi

2022 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

  • January 12 - A. Choi
  • January 26 - A. Choi
  • February 23 - A. Choi
  • February 23 - C. Cowell
  • March 23 - M. Wilkins
  • April 13 - A. Choi
  • April 27 COA - M. Wilkins 
  • May 11 - A. Mayhew
  • June 22 - M. Wilkins
  • June 27 - A. Choi
  • June 27 - C. Cowell
  • October 12 - A. Choi 

2021 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

  • February 10 - C. Cowell
  • February 10 - M. McGill
  • February 24 - C. Cowell
  • March 10 - C. Cowell
  • March 24 - A. Mayhew
  • April 7 - C. Cowell
  • April 7 - M. McGill
  • June 9 - M. McGill
  • July 7 - M. McGill
  • November 24 - C. Cowell (verbal within meeting minutes)
  • November 24 - D. Bartlett
  • December 1 - C. Cowell
  • December 15 - M. Sholdice

2020 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

  • September 9 - M. Sholdice

2019 Declarations of Conflict of Interest

2018 Declarations of Conflict of Interest 

  • January 10 - V. Blackmore
  • June 6 - M. Vink
  • June 20 - M. Vink
  • December 19 - M. Sholdice
Council Attendance & Expense Records
Deputation / Speak to Council Request

To speak at a meeting of council or committee deputation requests must be made to the Clerk at least a week prior to the meeting.  Please complete the Application to Speak at a Meeting of Council form which must be returned to the Clerk no later than 1 pm a week prior to the subject meeting.  The Clerk will review requests and pass any matters that staff are readily able to respond to staff for their response.  The Clerk also reserves the right to designate the request to the appropriate meeting upon review of the completed form.

Meetings of Council

Council meetings are held twice a month alternating at 6:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers located at the municipal office in Glencoe (153 McKellar Street, Glencoe).  The meetings are also streamed live on YOUTUBE. Please check the municipal calendar for verifications of meetings and times.  All meetings of council and committees of council are open to the public (with minor exceptions).  Council agendas are set in advance and may be reviewed at the Southwest Middlesex office or on our meeting agenda page.

Please note that if you are submitting correspondence to council or committees, it is public information, your name may be included on the agenda and published on the municipal website.  Your name and address may be included in meeting agenda/minutes if necessary to identify the issue to be considered by council.

Meeting with the Mayor

The Mayor is pleased to take requests for meetings or to attend ceremonial events with interested individuals and groups.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with the Mayor please contact the municipal office or the Mayor directly.

Procedural By-law, Code of Conduct, Integrity Commissioner

Southwest Middlesex appointed Aird & Berlis LLP as their Integrity Commissioner in December, 2020.  The role of the Integrity Commissioner is to help ensure that members of council and local boards perform their functions in accordance with the Code of Conduct and other procedures, rules or policies governing their ethical behaviour.  Aird & Berlis LLP also act as the closed session investigators for Southwest Middlesex.

Role of the Integrity Commissioner

  • providing confidential written and oral advice to all council members and local board members concerning their own situations respecting the Code of Conduct, policies and procedures governing ethical behaviour, including general advice about the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.
  • provide opinions and reports to council and local boards on issues of ethics and integrity.
  • deals with complaints about breaches of the Code of Conduct pursuant to the council approved complaint protocol.  If the Integrity Commissioner finds a contravention, various penalties range from suspension of remuneration to a reprimand or apology.
  • provide educational programs to members of council and local boards that can be carried out in group settings, one-on-one meetings, annual reporting and online.

Complaint Process

Any individual who has identified or witnessed a behaviour or activity by a member that appears o be in contravention of the Code of Conduct or Municipal Conflict of Interest Act may submit an informal or formal complaint.  

Informal Complaint

1. Any individual may seek to address the prohibited behaviour or activity themselves in the following manner by following the Informal Complaint procedure:

  • document the incident(s) where the member may have contravened the Code of Conduct including dates, times, locations, other persons present and any other relevant information;
  • advise a third party about the concerns regarding the member's actions;
  • advise the member that the behaviour or activity appears to contravene the Code of Conduct;
  • identify to the member the specific provision(s) of the Code of Conduct that may have been contravened;
  • encourage the member to acknowledge and agree to stop the prohibited behaviour or activity and to undertake to refrain from future ocurrences of the prohibited behaviour or activity;
  • request the Integrity Commissioner to assist in informal discussion of the alleged complaint with the Member in an attempt to settle or resolve the issue;
  • if applicable:
    • confirm to the member that his or her response is satisfactory, or
    • advise the member that his or her response is unsatisfactory;
  • consider the need to pursue the matter in accordance with the Formal Complaint Procedure or in accordance with any other applicable judicial or quasi-judicial process or complaint procedure.

2.  Individuals are strongly encouraged to pursue the Informal Complaint procedure as the first means of remedying behaviour or activity of a member that they believe violates the Code of Conduct.

3.  With the consent of both the complaining individual and the member, the Integrity Commissioner may participate in any formal process.   The parties involved are encouraged to take advantage of the Integrity Commissioner's potential role as a mediator/conciliator of issues relating to a complaint.

4.  The Informal Complaint procedure is not a precondition or a prerequisite to pursuing the Formal Complaint procedure.

Formal Complaint

  • all formal complaints must be made using the Formal Complaint form and shall be dated and signed by the  complainant;
  • the complaint must include a concise explanation as to why the issue raised may be in contravention of the Code of Conduct and any and all evidence in support of the allegation must be included with the Complaint Form/Affidavit;
  • any witnesses in support of the allegation must be identified on the Complaint Form/Affidavit;
  • the Complaint Form/Affidavit must include the name of the member alleged to have breached the Code of Conduct, the section of the Code of Conduct allegedly contravened, the date, time and location of the alleged contravention and any and all other information as required on the Complaint Form/Affidavit; if additional space is required please use Schedule "A" to Complaint Form/Affidavit;
  • the complaint shall be filed with the Integrity Commissioner who shall confirm that the information is complete;
  • the Integrity Commissioner will determine whether the matter is, on its face, a complaint with respect to compliance with the Code of Conduct and is not covered by any other applicable legislation or policy; and
  • the Integrity Commissioner may, but shall not be obligated to request additional information from the complainant.
Contacts at Aird Berlis 


Allan Mayhew
amayhew [at]
Mike Sholdice
Deputy Mayor
msholdice [at]
Don McCallum
Councillor - Ward 1
dmccallum [at]
Mark McGill
Councillor - Ward 1
mmcgill [at]
Joel Haggith
Councillor - Ward 2
jhaggith [at]
Ed Myers
Councillor - Ward 2
emyers [at]
Amy Choi
Councillor - Ward 3
AChoi [at]
Martin Vink
Councillor - Ward 3
mvink [at]