Bids & Tenders

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Southwest Middlesex tenders are advertised on Bids & Tenders, an electronic platform that manages procurement processes.

Click the link to view current opportunities on Bids & tenders.

Purchasing Rules

Bid and tender opportunities are advertised electronically unless otherwise stipulated in government regulations. 

  • Potential  bidders are responsible for checking our website to obtain tender information
  • Potential bidders are to have regard  for the following:
Bids and Tenders

The following is a list of bid and tender opportunities.  Each bid document provides the closing time and submission instructions.  The bid document is the official document.  Sometimes the information provided on the website is different than the information on the bid document.  In all cases, the information on the bid document will prevail.

If you encounter technical issues,   please contact our office at 519-287-2015.  For questions pertaining to a specific bid opportunity, please refer to the contact details provided in the bid document.