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Dog Licensing

Dog tags are available at the Municipal office located at 153 McKellar Street in Glencoe.  Dog tags are issued with no fee upon the registration of your pet.  The same tag number is valid for the lifetime of your dog and are required in Southwest Middlesex as they are our only way to contact you if your dog happens to stray, gets returned to the animal shelter or if it gets hurt.

Bringing Home a New Dog?
  • Puppies and dogs moving to Southwest Middlesex must get a dog license (“dog tag”) 
  • Each dog must have its own, unique, dog tag. Dog tags cannot be passed from one dog to another
  • To apply for a dog tag, please contact the municipal office
  • SWM does not charge a fee for the dog tag 
  • SWM Dog Tag Application Form
If Your Dog is No Longer with you or you have a Lost Dog Tag
  • Let us know that your dog is no longer with you so that your information is updated.
  • If your dog loses its dog tag, please complete the replacement dog tag form. There may be a fee for replacement tags. 
Common Questions about the Animal Control By-law

The Animal Control By-law lays out a number of rules related to keeping dogs in Southwest Middlesex. The following are just a few of the common questions about the animal control by-law. This list does not in any way replace the content of the by-law.

Do I have to get a dog licence (dog tag)?  

  • Yes - all dogs over the age of 12 weeks in Southwest Middlesex must be licensed and wear their dog tag. 

What happens if I do not get a dog tag?

  • Dog licenses help make sure we can get your pet back to you if it is lost or injured. 
  • Dogs in Southwest Middlesex are required to be licensed, and not licensing your dog can lead to fines and penalties.

Do dog tags expire? 

  • Tags are valid for the life of your dog

Can I let my dog “off leash”? 

  • No - All dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash and abide by "poop and scoop" regulations.  The only exception for your dog being off leash is within Commonwealth Dog Park.  
  • In accordance with the Provincial Offences Act, owners will be issued a set fine as set out in the Animal Control By-law if the Animal Control Officer impounds an unregistered dog or a dog running at large.

How many dogs can I have? 

  • Each dwelling unit in the urban area is allowed to have no more than two dogs
  • Each dwelling unit the rural areas is allowed to have no more than three dogs

What about dog kennels?

  • There are quite a number of rules related to starting and keeping a dog kennel.  Please see the dog kennel by-law for details.

What about pit bulls? 

  • If an animal is prohibited under any federal or provincial legislation it is not permitted within Southwest Middlesex.  

Can I have an exotic pet? 

  • Possibly - please check Schedule A of the Animal Control By-law to regulate the keeping, registration, licensing, control and welfare of certain classes of animals in the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex to verify which exotic animals are permitted and which ones are prohibited.
Kennel Licensing
  • If you wish to establish a dog kennel or boarding facility you must contact the Clerk to discuss the potential for submitting an kennel license application. It is important to contact the Municipal Office prior to building any type of kennel structure, etc. as there are certain zoning requirements and standards in place.  
Animal Control Services

The Humane Society London & Middlesex provides animal control services for the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex. These services are provided for dogs and injured cats on public property.

The Humane Society London & Middlesex is located at 624 Clarke Road in London and can be reached at 1-877-909-0519.  Please visit their website for their hours of operation and more services.

Residents should call the Humane Society London & Middlesex for the following:

  • To report violations of the Municipality's Animal Control By-law
  • To report a dog running at large
  • To report a dog bite or aggressive dog
  • To report sick or injured dog or cats
  • To report lost or found pets
  • To report stray dogs

Emergency After Hours Services

  • Emergency after hours services include:
  • Sick or injured dogs and cats
  • Suffering or in immediate distress dog or cat
  • Running in traffic or in danger
  • On-the loose dog acting aggressively to people or pets

For emergency after hours services, call 1-877-909-0519 and follow the prompts.

Animal Cruelty

To report cases of animal cruelty, abandonment or neglect, please call the Province of Ontario's 24/7 Hotline at 1-833-9-ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625). In an emergency you can also contact your local police through 911.

Carcass Removal

To report the need for a carcass to be removed from public property, please call the Public Works Department at 519-287-2015 or report it online.  
Private property owners are responsible for dead animals on their property.

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

Southwest Middlesex pays owners for the cost of livestock killed or injured by coyotes through the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.
If you are interested in more information about this program, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website.

To apply for payment, farmers must:

  • Have a valid farm business registration number (BR)
  • Have a premises ID number
  • Report the kill within 48 hours
  • Retain remains of the kill for inspection by the Municipality's Livestock Valuer
  • Call 519-287-2015 to report a kill or request more details

To report nuisance or injured wildlife on Municipal property, please call the Public Works Department at 519-287-2015 or report it online.

What can you do if an animal is causing damage to private property:…