Southwest Middlesex What's New - December 14, 2022

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Southwest Middlesex What's New  -  December 14, 2022

Council Highlights is an informal summary of selected actions taken by Southwest Middlesex council and are not an official record of council proceedings.  To view official agendas and minutes, please visit Agendas and Minutes.

Planning Application

A Zoning By-law Amendment (P14-2022), for the property known as 3427 Concession Drive, which rezones the subject lands from the ‘Site Specific Rural Industrial (M3-3) Zone’, to the ‘Site Specific Rural Industrial Holding (M3-3-H-11a) Zone’ in order to add ‘Dog Kennel’ as an additional listed permitted use, and to recognize the setback from the existing building (proposed to be used for a kennel) to a dwelling on a separate parcel of 92 m (302 ft), whereas a 300 m (984 ft) setback is required, was granted by council.  The subject lands formerly housed a ‘Dog Pound’ known as the ‘Glencoe Animal Shelter’, which ceased to exist as of June 2022. The ownership has since changed hands, and the current property owners are planning to establish a ‘Dog Kennel’ in order to allow for the housing, grooming, breeding, boarding, training and/or sale of dogs.  

Disposal of Surplus Asset - Rescue Truck

Council directed staff to dispose of the rescue truck, that was used prior to the purchase in 2022 of a 2018 Spartan Rescue Truck, in accordance with the Disposal of Surplus and Obsolete Assets Policy dated October 27, 2021.  This declared surplus asset has been appraised and will be placed on the Southwest Middlesex website to advise public and that a sealed bid process will be utilized. This asset will be sold “as is”.

Masonic Lodge Lease

The Municipality leases the building at 21996 Hagerty Road in Wardsville for the purposes of a Community Centre within the Village. The current lease expires December 31, 2022 and has been renewed for an additional two-years.  The building is available for rent, for a fee, from constituents, and is used for our recreation programming in the area.

Committee Appointments

Council made appointments of members of Council to the following board and committees:

• Economic Development Committee: Councillor Choi & Councillor McGill
• Recreation Committee: Councillor Choi, Councillor Haggith & Councillor Myers
• Canada Day Committee: Deputy Mayor Sholdice & Councillor Haggith
• Brooke Alvinston Fire Board: Councillor Vink 
• Four Counties Transportation: Councillor McCallum & Councillor McGill
• Lower Thames Regional Conservation Authority: Councillor Vink
• St. Clair Regional Conservation Authority: Councillor McCallum 
• Tri County Water Board: Mayor Mayhew, Deputy Mayor Sholdice, Councillor McCallum

CIP Year-End Report

Council received the Community Improvement Plan year-end report.  The CIP is a Municipal-wide planning document that is focused on implementing physical improvements to achieve a broad range of community and economic development goals. The implementation of this Plan shows that Southwest Middlesex is demonstrating their commitment to encouraging local investment, revitalization and beautification, and working with property owners and tenants to support existing businesses, promote the establishment of new businesses, and to attract more residents and visitors to the downtown core.

Donor Board

Council is developing a continuing donation program for recreation in Southwest Middlesex and is currently open to donations from groups and individuals.  Council will continue to work on how to honour donors moving forward.  

Arena Renovation Update

A report was received by council about the status of the arena renovations.  It was noted that arena renovations began April 1, 2022 and were slated to be completed January 2023. 

The discovery of asbestos and the cancellation of the generator have impacted the scheduled completion of the project. With the removal of the generator from the project plan, a separate distribution package needed to be ordered, which had a 20–26-week timeline for delivery.

If we assume a 26-week delivery date, the electrical distribution equipment should arrive in late March, with installation completed by the end of April.

Since this electrical equipment will power the whole building, we would not be able to obtain an occupancy permit and therefore would be unable to use the building until it is installed. To avoid additional costs related to winter heat for pouring the new arena slab (and to ensure better conditions when completing the work), the Contractor has suggested that the installation of the new rink slab be delayed until the frost is out of the ground and costs for winter concrete are no longer applied (March/April 2023). The slab replacement will take approximately 8 weeks to complete, so the project completion date will be towards the end of June, 2023. 

Once the work on the entrance addition, change rooms, and ceiling work are completed, the contractor is anticipating a demobilization of the trades until the equipment arrives and they will be back for the new slab.

Sidewalk Clearing Contract

Council approved the single sourcing of sidewalk snow removal in the Villages of Melbourne and Wardsville, as well as the Elm Daycare and West Lorne Water Plant at a cost of $11,300 monthly for the 2022 winter season (November & December) from Patton Excavating & Grading Ltd.  A tender will be prepared immediately for the remainder of the winter season starting January 1, 2023.


Council approved a letter being sent to Middlesex County requesting them to investigate a similar program for dealing with Phragmites to the ones in Elgin County, Lambton Shores and other municipalities surrounding Middlesex County. 

Little Kin Park

The Recreation Master Plan recommended the acquisition of a future park in Wardsville to replace the active uses at Little Kin Park to continue meeting the needs of residents in the village and surrounding area.   Staff were directed to bring back a report on a timeline and possibility of  inclusive and accessible playground equipment for the community of Wardsville.  Staff were also asked to include a line item for a fund for accessible and inclusive playground equipment in the 2023 budget discussion to support a potential phased-in project.