Southwest Middlesex Council Meeting Highlights - April 26, 2023

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Council highlights is an informal summary of selected actions taken by Southwest Middlesex Council and is not an official record of council proceedings. To view official agenda and minutes, please visit Agendas and Minutes.


Drainage Applications

These drains were approved to proceed under the drainage act as follows.

  • Abandonment of the Pierson Drain under section 84.
  • Appointing an engineer to construct a bridge on the Glencoe Outlet Drain under section 78.
  • Appointing an engineer to produce a report to reconstruct the McDonald Drain under section 78.
  • Appointing an engineer to realign part of the Gardiner Drain under section 78.
  • Acceptance request to reconstruct all or part of the Butler Drain under section 78.
  • Acceptance request for the Drainage Superintendent to contact St Clair Region Conservation Authority and other regulatory authorities to insure legal compliance for the Reycraft Winship Drain under section 78.


Re-Allocation of Funds

Council approved to re-allocate the amount of $72,500.00 from previously planned projects that no longer need to be occur. These funds will now go towards a pool waterline replacement, AODA compliance items, and miscellaneous updates within our parks with any unutilized funds from these projects to be returned to the Community Services and Facilities reserve account.



The plan of subdivision 39T-SM-2021 and draft plan conditions were endorsed and forwarded to the County of Middlesex for consideration and approval of the Zoning By-Law Amendment Application P5-2021 was granted.


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