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Local Roads

The Public Works Department's function is to oversee the maintenance of 59 km of hard surface roads and 360 km or gravel roads that we travel often. Also under the department's care are 23 km of sidewalks, 14 bridges and 67 road culverts.The department does a great job of getting us where we need to be on a daily basis. Sometimes calls come to us questioning why some streets are repaired ahead of others. Priorities are placed on highest needs (based on maintenance standards) and in conjunction with the municipality's annual budget and capital plan. The plan helps Southwest Middlesex to determine where large projects such as waterline or sewer replacement can be coordinated with paving projects. We also try to coordinate with County contracts for better pricing opportunities.

Capital Plan

The Capital Plan is a long-term plan that attempts to be equitable, cost conscious and service oriented. The plan is used to evaluate and determine the appropriate maintenance of 419 kilometers of your local roads.

Street Sweeping

Local street sweeping in the urban areas takes place from April to October with a minimum of two cleanings per year. We also have the annual spring street sweeping program to clear out the winter salt and sand residue for all streets in the urban area; this is completed by an outside contractor in late March or early April.


Southwest Middlesex has a Parking By-law #2004/006 - parking permits can be requested through the Municipal Office.

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection in the urban areas generally takes place in November each year.

We do our best to get your leaves collected so please be patient as winter weather approaches. It is always difficult to collect the leaves at the right time and get everything completed before winter weather arrives. It is also acceptable for residents to take leaves to the municipal landfill at no cost if they are loose and placed on the compost pile at either landfill site.


All streetlights in Southwest Middlesex have been converted to LED lighting. Streetlight outages/repairs should be reported directly to the reception desk at Southwest Middlesex - 153 McKellar Street in Glencoe.


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