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Drainage Department

The Drainage Department's function is to oversee the maintenance and construction of all municipal drains throughout the municipality.  Southwest Middlesex currently has over 750 municipal drains within its jurisdiction.

Drains are created and must be maintained under the authority of the Drainage Act

Drainage Works may be completed as either (see links to additional information in the callout boxes to the right of the screen):

  • Drain Maintenance
  • Drain Construction

    See links to Drain Maintenance and Construction in the callout boxes to the right of the screen


Important Do's and Dont's

  • Call your Superintendent to report any obstructions or problems with a drain
  • Keep the lids and sides clear of debris if you have a catch basin on or near your property
  • Notify the municipality when connecting to a municipal drain
  • Make repairs or alterations to a drain on your own
  • Block or plug up a drain in any way
  • Outlet any polluted water into drains

Drain Construction

Find out more about drain construction here

Drain Maintenance

Find out more about drain maintenance here

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