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It's Not too Late to Complete the Census

SWM Swimming Pool - 2021 Early Registration

Save 10% - we are once again offering early registration the week of June 7 to June 11, 2021.  This will be done virtually this year due to the restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19.  Below, please find forms for registering for available lessons at the SWM swimming pool.


Gypsy Moths & what you can do about them

Gypsy moths are destroying trees across our Province at a rapid pace.  They appear in late July or August.  Males are greyish brown while the females are larger and whitish with darker zigzag marks.  Like other moths, the Gypsy moth start as caterpillars (larvae) that are brown or black.  As they grow, bumps develop along their backs with course black hairs - later as they grow, they become a charcoal gray with a double row of five blue and six red dots on their back.
Gypsy moth larvae feed mostly on the leaves of deciduous (leafy) trees but also some coniferous (evergreen trees).  One insect can eat an average of one square metre of leaves.

For more information about gypsy moths, the damage they can do to our trees and tips on how to control them on your property, visit the following sites:


Recreation Programming Survey

The Municipality of Southwest Middlesex is currently looking to enhance and increase recreation and leisure programming in the community. This survey is to assist the municipality in gathering feedback from the public to improve recreation program planning. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us at

Thank you.  

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) 

Southwest Middlesex is working with Stantec on a draft Community Improvement Plan (CIP) - please review the documents below and share your feedback with us for the virtual public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Sewer Line Warranties of Canada

You may receive correspondence from Sewer Line Warranties of Canada concerning the insurance that they provide to homeowners for water lines, sewer lines, septic systems, etceteras.  For additional information about Sewer Line Warranties of Canada please see the attached letter from our partner LAS - details

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