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Property Taxes and Water/Sewer Bills

Property Tax, Water Sewer Billing and Collections are large portions of our revenues and expenses. See the details and options below.

Payment Options for Property Taxes and Water Sewer Bills

Please note that we now offer paperless billing for taxes and water/sewer billings through e-post.

  • Pre-authorized payments
  • On-line/Telephone banking
  • Post-dated cheques(in office or drop box at front of building)
  • Cash and debit (in office only)

Property Tax Collection

Property tax rates are made up of:

  1. Municipal rate -each year we calculate the cost to build and maintain our roads, recreation facilities, fire and police services, waste management and future development. These costs make up theAnnual Budget. The property values given to us by MPAC(see link below) determine how much of the budget eachhousehold is responsible for (i.e. tax rate)
  2. County Rate -given to us by the County of Middlesex. We collect the money and pass it on to the County.
  3. School Board Rate - given to us by the Province of Ontario.We collect the money and pass it on to the school boards. Details on the distribution of the tax dollars can be found with the current budget (see below link).
  4. Our office processes the billing and collection of all property taxes and the municipal water and sewer charges. We also act as the collecting agency forvarious government agencies including the County of Middlesex and the Public and Separate School Boards. Detail on the distribution of tax dollars can be found with the current budget (see link below).

Property tax bills are mailed twice a year - February and August. At the bottom of each bill there are two sections that can be removed and sent in with your payment. Taxes are due Febuary 28, May 29, August 28 and November 28 of each year. If the due date falls on a weekend the deadline isextended until the next business day. We now offer paperless billing for property taxes through

Interest is charged at a rate of 1.25% per month (15% per year) on all overdue property tax amounts. Seriously overdue accounts are at risk of their properties being sold by the municipalityin order to recover the outstanding amounts. Commercial and Industrial buildingsthat are vacant may be eligible for a tax rebate (see link below).

Water and Sewer Collection

The Municipality pays for all of the water used by its residents and also pays for treating the waste water. We set the water and sewer rates in order to recover our costs for the services and bill them to our customers every other month. Please see our fee and service by-law for details on billing (see link below)

If you are moving ...please ensure that you provide at least 2 weeks notice so that we can arrange for a final meter reading.

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