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Hosta Capital of Canada Numbers

The Hosta Capital of Canada contest has now closed.  Numbers will be released soon with winners of the contest being announced during Tartan Days July 20 - 21, 2018.  Thank you for participating in this fun project!

2018 Municipal Election News 


Facilities and Recreation



SWM Landfill News 

Garbage Collection

Change in garbage collection for some Southwest Middlesex Residents.

Fire Services

Southwest Middlesex has been kept informed by Strathroy-Caradoc about resignations of firefighters from the Melbourne Fire Station.  The fire station in Melbourne provides initial response protection to a number of residences in the municipality of Southwest Middlesex under a fire protection agreement between the two municipalities.

While there is currently no operational reason to question the reliability of the fire service in Melbourne, to allay any concerns of residents and businesses in the Melbourne community, including the SWM fire protection area, there is a two station response for any emergency scene.  As per the normal practice, an alarm for a structure fire will dispatch the volunteer firefighters from the Glencoe Fire Station.

Should there be any concerns, please contact SWM Fire Chief Bob Hansen @ 519-494-1166 for more information.

Middlesex County Launches 2017 Invest in Middlesex Video Series


Adapting hospital-to-home transitional care interventions to the Ontario rural healthcare context. 

Call for Participants for Research Study on Transitional Care in Rural Ontario.

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