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9-1-1 is the number to call if you need emergency assistance.

Map of Southwest Middlesex Fire Dispatch Areas
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Middlesex County Emergency Card (2012) including contact information for emergency situations

Southwest Middlesex Emergency Plan*
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*The Emergency Plan is available in accessible formats upon request

Emergency Planning tips are available through the following link for your home or business - http://www.middlesex.ca/living-here/emergency-planning/disaster-preparedness


Please select any of the topics listed below for further information:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Fire Department
Fire Safety Information
Safety Pamphlets & Safety Information
Smoke Alarms
West Nile


Fire Department

9-1-1 is the number to call for emergency response. Southwest Middlesex has one department with two stations within its boundaries to serve the Municipality.  Our department is staffed by trained volunteer fire fighters.  We also purchase fire protection services from Brooke-Alvinston and Strathroy-Caradoc for two areas in the municipality.

Fire Area Maps
Your fire area is as noted on the map (click here for map).

Fire--Open Air Burning

By-law No. 75/2001
was passed January 2, 2002. This by-law prescribes the time during which fires may be set in the open air and precautions to be observed.

Please click on the following link for an overview of the by-law - we do recommend that a full copy of the by-law be obtained for complete details.  

Call in to 519-245-1300 or 1-844-220-1300 for control burns/open-air burning.

Fines have been established to recover any costs associated with any failure to extinguish a prohibited open air burning. Costs can exceed $350.00 per piece of equipment required to extinguish prohibited fires. 

Fire Safety Information and Carbon Monoxide Detection

The Southwest Middlesex Fire Departments strongly promote fire safety. A fire in your home, school or place of business can turn into raging inferno fast. The important thing to do is to leave everything and get everyone out and away from the building as quickly as possible and call the fire department from a nearby phone. Never re-enter a burning building and remember that your most valuable possession is life!

The insurance industry notes the following facts!

  • Almost half of all home fires and three-fifths of fire deaths occur in homes with no detectors.

  • Your chances of dying in a home fire are cut in half if you have a working smoke detector.

  • There are more homes with smoke detectors that don't work, than homes without any detectors. These poorly maintained units create a false sense of security for residents.

Develop a Fire Escape Plan for the safety of your entire family.  Remember, fire safety begins with you.

Safety Pamphlets and Safety Information

Go to www.firesafetycouncil.com for great information on safety matters of all descriptions including guides on smoke alarms, what to do if you live in apartment, carbon monoxide and more.  This is a great site full of excellent safety resource materials for you, your family and your friends.

Another great resource for specific health related concerns is www.healthunit.com - make sure that you check out their Child Safety Link.

Additional Information on Smoke Alarms

1.  Every Home in Ontario must have smoke detectors - it's the law!
2.  Smoke Alarm
Installation & Care
Where to go for ideas if you have a sensitive smoke alarm that drives you crazy


Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detection Brochure

Many of the pamphlets you will find through the above-noted links are available at the municipal office.

You can also find home heating safety information is available on the Technical Standards and Safety Authority web site at www.tssa.org


Click Here For
Flood Warnings and Updates.

West Nile 

Click Here For More Information on West Nile Virus.



Southwest Middlesex is served by Thames Emergency Medical Services (Thames EMS).  Thames Emergency Medical Services serves the entire County of Middlesex as well as other locations.  Southwest Middlesex is fortunate to have a station within its boundaries at 147 McKellar Street, in Glencoe. 

Emergencies are reported by calling 9-1-1. 

All other inquiries should be directed to the head office in London, at 434-2711.



Southwest Middlesex is served by the Ontario Provincial Police.  They have a small detachment office that is located at 157 Water Street in Glencoe. 

Emergencies are reported by calling 9-1-1. 

General inquiries are to be directed to 1-519-245-2323 (Strathroy) during business hours only.  The 24-hour communications centre can be contacted at (telephone only) 1-888-310-1122 and at (TTY only)


Contact Us:
153 McKellar Street, Box 218
Glencoe  ON  N0L 1M0
Voice:  519-287-2015
Fax:     519-287-2359
E-mail:  info@southwestmiddlesex.ca
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