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The Public Works department has four main areas of concern:

After Hours Emergency Number - 287-2513

If you have a hydro power outage please call Hydro One at the number listed on your invoice.  Southwest Middlesex looks after streetlights that are not working but the municipality is NOT responsible for hydro services in the municipality.

Public Works Contact Information

Public Works Manager - Jaime Francisco
Phone Extension:  119
E-mail Address:  jfrancisco@southwestmiddlesex.ca

Utilities and Drainage Superintendent - Elizabeth Jeffery
Phone Extension:  114
E-mail Address:  ejeffery@southwestmiddlesex.ca

Public Works Crew Leader - Rob Cole
Phone:  519-287-3507
E-mail Address:  rcole@southwestmiddlesex.ca

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Transportation Services

Southwest Middlesex Public Works Department is responsible for:

  • maintenance of municipal road system (including weed spraying)
  • winter control
  • road & sidewalk construction
  • streetlight maintenance

If you have an inquiry or problem with any of the services listed above please call 287-2015 and ask to speak with Jaime Francisco.

Street Light Outages/Repairs

Should be reported directly to the reception desk at Southwest Middlesex.

Water and Sewer Services

Southwest Middlesex Utilities operates the municipal water system in the municipality.  This includes the Villages of Glencoe, Appin, Melbourne and Wardsville and all of the rural water mains.  Southwest Middlesex Utilities also operates the Glencoe sanitary sewer system and the Wardsville sanitary sewer system.

For Utility Billing Information, click here.

If you have a problem with your water or sewer services, please call Southwest Middlesex at 287-2015 and ask to speak with Elizabeth Jeffery. Any billing inquiries may be directed to the Water Billing Department.

After hours Emergency Number: 287-2513


If you require a water or sewer locate please contact the municipal office.  Water and sewer locates require 1 week notice to process.

For information on other types of locates please click here.

Waste Management Services

Co-collection Services Information

Limerick Road and Trillium Drive Landfill Information

Fall Leaf Collection Program

Spring/Autumn Cleanup Information

Household Special (Hazardous) Waste Information

Municipal Drain Services

Municipal Drains

Municipal Drains provide a legal outlet for surface and subsurface waters. In return, the landowners within the defined drainage watershed pay for the construction of the original drain and ongoing maintenance of the drain. Municipal Drains are more common in the agricultural areas of the Municipality, however, there are some municipal drains within the urban areas. The amount assessed for drainage maintenance will be in direct proportion to the lands owned within the watershed. For more information contact the Drainage Superintendent, Elizabeth Jeffery at 519-287-2015.

Private Tile Drainage

Before installing ANY PRIVATE TILE landowners MUST notify the Municipal Drainage Superintendent. Southwest Middlesex policy, as adopted on October 16, 2002 dictates that:

  1. It is mandatory for all landowners and/or drainage contractors to notify the Drainage Superintendent before installing private tile outlets into any municipal drain.
  2. Private tile may not outlet into an open municipal drain without using header tile.
  3. Private tile may not outlet into any roadside ditch except by Agreement Drain under The Ontario Drainage Act.

Tile Drain Loans

Assistance from the Province of Ontario may be available to farmers for the installation of a tile drainage system on their property. The maximum amount of loan available to an individual farmer in one year is $50,000. These loans are repaid over a ten year period at an interest rate of 6%. The availability of the loan is at the Province’s discretion.

Prior to proceeding with any work, or for additional information, please contact the Drainage Superintendent, Elizabeth Jeffery at 519-287-2015.


Contact Us:
153 McKellar Street, Box 218
Glencoe  ON  N0L 1M0
Voice:  519-287-2015
Fax:     519-287-2359
E-mail:  info@southwestmiddlesex.ca
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