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Some of the more popular by-laws are posted here.  If you don't see what you are looking for here, please call the Municipal Office to find out more information.  Any questions concerning the attached by-laws should be directed to the appropriate department.
By-law Name By-law Number & Link
Accountability & Transparency Policy By-law No. 2009/056
Alcohol Policy By-law No. 2008/008
Policy attached to by-law
Dog Licensing and Animal Control  By-law No. 2008/013
Fee & Service Charges

Rates subject to change without notice - please call to verify if any changes are anticipated and their effective date!
2013/105 - General Fees - Administration/Finance
2013/106 - Building Fees
2013/107 - Drainage Fees
2013/108 - Facilities & Recreation Fees
2013/109 - Fire Department Fees
2013/110 - Public Works Fees - Environmental
2013/111 - Public Works Fees - Utilities
2013/112 - Public Works Fees - Various
Notice By-law No. 5/2003
Nutrient Management Mosa By-law No. 7/1999 and
Ekfrid By-law No. 2/1999
Official Plan See Planning Section
Open Air Burning By-law No. 75/2001
Parking By-law By-law No. 6/2004
Procedure (Council) By-law No. 2013/044
Property Standards By-law No. 39/2002 and
By-law No. 20/2003
Salvage By-law By-law No. 40/2002
Sewer Use By-law (Glencoe) By-law No. 2012/042
Sign By-law By-law No. 2013/096
Smoking County of Middlesex By-law #5682
Swimming Pool By-law No. 3/2005 and By-law No. 2008/051
Temporary Encroachment
By-law No. 50/2006
Yard Maintenance By-law By-law No. 2013/035
Zoning See Planning Section
Contact Us:
153 McKellar Street, Box 218
Glencoe  ON  N0L 1M0
Voice:  519-287-2015
Fax:     519-287-2359
E-mail:  info@southwestmiddlesex.ca

Need Help with a Problem in your Neighbourhood?

If you have a problem that you haven't been able to resolve on your own, please print our 'complaint form', fill it out and return it to the Southwest Middlesex office.  Thank you.

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